The Green Formula – Peat & Coconut Fiber

The Green Formula – New Products Peat Moss and coconut fiber

At Lambert we are pleased to introduce 3 new professional substrates of sphagnum moss and coconut fiber into the “The Green Formula” family:

PC-25 High-porosity Mix of Peat-Coco
PC-15 All Purpose Mix of Peat-Coco
PC-7 “Hobby” Mix of Peat-Coco



The Green Formula Peat and Coconut Substrates are designed to provide fast growing crops with healthy roots and vigorous plants.

A mixture of selected Canadian sphagnum peat moss, coconut fiber and horticultural perlite to ensure maximum air porosity, superior drainage and ideal water retention.

Commercial and retail bags are available: 120 ft3, 110 ft3., 55 ft3., 3.8 ft3Compressed and 74 ft3, 2.8 ft3 Uncompressed.

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