Lambert Orchid Mix

Lambert Orchids Mix is a blend of four substrates that provide many species of orchids an environnement conducive for good root development. This media also prevent root from being kept too wet as with some species such as Catteleya’s, too much water rots roots. This mix also has more weight which aside from providing good anchorage of roots, also prevents the plants from easily bieng uprooted.

  • Canadian sphagnum peat moss chunks (25%)
  • Hardwood charcoal (25%)
  • Red pine bark (25%)
  • Volcanic rock (25%)
  • Orchids
  • Ready to use
  • Excellent aeration
  • Low salts
Product code Size Quantity
Packaging languages: English & French
0-66498 07517-3* 4 dry qts (4.4 L) 12 bags/case - 30 cases/pallet
Packaging languages: English, French & Spanish
0-66498 07617-0* 4 dry qts (4.4 L) 12 bags/case - 30 cases/pallet
*Cases of different retail products of 4 dry qts and 8 dry qts can be shipped on the same pallet for a maximum of 30 cases per pallet.