Lambert Horticultural Vermiculite

Lambert Horticultural Vermiculite is an aggregate used to increase water retention in your potting mixes. It is very useful to cover germinating seeds. In fact, its water-holding properties and its considerable porosity aid in insulating the germinating seeds and protect them from drying out and from damaging air currents.

  • Horticultural vermiculite (100%)
  • Potting mix amendment
  • Seed cover
  • Lightweight
  • Inert
  • Neutral pH
  • Increases water retention
  • Low salts
  • Sterile
Product code Size Quantity
Packaging languages: English & French
0-66498 07525-8* 8 dry qts (8.8 L) 6 bags/case - 30 cases/pallet
Packaging languages: English & Spanish
0-66498 07625-5* 8 dry qts (8.8 L) 6 bags/case - 30 cases/pallet
*Cases of different retail products of 4 dry qts and 8 dry qts can be shipped on the same pallet for a maximum of 30 cases per pallet.