Quality First…

A priority at Lambert Peat Moss

Lambert Laboratory

Quality has always been a priority at Lambert, that’s why the company owns a complete quality control laboratory. The laboratory staff developed standards and procedures to make sure that every cubic foot of product that leaves our yard complies with our standards. Quality control procedures are also developed regularly to increase the quality of our products. Procedures can be divided into 3 areas: chemical, physical and packaging. To comply with chemical standards, our products are sampled and analyzed for pH, EC and S.M.E. analysis. To assure that physical standards are respected, we analyze particle size distribution, porosity and moisture content. Also we regularly measure the yield and the firmness of our bags. Finally we run random greenhouse tests in order to evaluate our products’ performances. Therefore, a product that does not conform completely to one or the other of our tested parameters stay in our yard.

Research and Development

Innovation and improvement play an important role in Lambert laboratories. In order to be able to offer our valued customers the products they deserve, Lambert is constantly working on its processes to condition, harvest and manufacture its sphagnum peat moss. Agronomists and engineers work together to come up with ideas and innovations that will bring our products one step closer to perfection. Whether it is to improve, create a new product or adapt an existing product, the Lambert staff runs different greenhouse trials to achieve its ultimate goal which to get the best for our customers.

Technical Assistance

Our technical staff made up of experienced agronomists and soil technicians is always ready to help our customers with any questions they may have. Whether it is about peat moss or on how to use our different products.

At Lambert, we stand behind our products!