Canadian Peat Moss and the Environment

Less than 0.02% of Canadian bogs are utilized for horticultural purposes, providing literally thousands of years of harvestable peat (approximately 29,000 years.) Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss is regenerating more than 70 times faster than the current harvests. Several environmental agencies oversee all aspects of the peat bogs to insure a safe and sustainable ecosystem. Canadians are proud to share this sustainable resource to improve your soil and provide soil-less media.

Canadian Peat Moss and the Environment-1

Lambert Peat Moss is committed to and practices sustainable peatland management and is a member of the Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss Association. Their members have adopted a Preservation and Reclamation Policy that sets out the procedures for opening, harvesting and closing a bog.

Highlights of that policy to which Lambert Peat Moss adheres
Before harvesting
  • Reduce impact on environment
  • Record flora, fauna
  • Cooperate with environmental groups
  • Choose bogs for reserves
During harvesting
  • Minimize acreage
  • Leave buffer zone
  • Leave layer of peat moss
  • Design drainage so water can be restored
Post harvesting
  • Restore spent areas to peatlands
  • Reclaime to forestry
  • Reclaime to functioning wetland and/or wildlife sanctuary
  • Reclaime to berry or agricultural crop