90th anniversary for Lambert Peat Moss

Lambert Peat Moss celebrates 90 years in the horticultural industry.

2018 marks the 90th anniversary for Lambert Peat Moss Company, A family business that’s proudly owned and operated by the Lambert family, now with four generations in the business. Founded in 1928, the company is still operating from the original location in Rivière-Ouelle, Québec, along the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. Lambert was one of the true pioneers in developing the peat moss industry in North America, and today is not only an industry leader, but also a steward of the environment.

Meeting and exceeding customers’ needs has always been a guiding principle for Lambert. Peat bogs on both shores of the St. Lawrence River are autonomous in regard to their harvesting operations. Our total harvesting capacity, which is divided into different regions, is rarely affected by adverse climatic conditions. This allows us to quickly adapt to our customers’ requests and not encounter any shortages. With our strong quality control, technical support and industry knowledge, we give our customers the confidence that our product will always exceed their needs: service with the ability to supply products on time.

Lambert offers a nearly unsurpassed selection of professional growing mixes, retail potting mixes, as well as select types of premium sphagnum peat moss (OMRI Listed) for any application, crops, growing condition and climate. Also available at Lambert are specialized professional and retail organic products (OMRI Listed) which are safe for the environment. The Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) reviews all samples of products submitted to them for approval. They determine if the product can be listed as organic through laboratory testing of samples. Lambert is proud to preserve biodiversity and help protect our environment and sustainability by respecting high quality standards.

Our distribution network allows us to supply the market at competitive prices for distributors and commercial users throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico. We optimize our transportation system by shipping direct from our production plants and from our distribution center in Beloeil, near Montreal, Québec. We also export products worldwide via container shipments to South & Central America, the Caribbean, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

Quality has always been a priority at Lambert; that’s why we maintain a complete in-house quality control laboratory. Our laboratory staff of agronomists and engineers has developed rigorous standards and procedures to make sure that every cubic foot of product leaving the yard complies with our strict standards. We reassess quality control procedures regularly to increase product quality. To comply with chemical standards, we sample products and analyze for pH, EC and S.M.E. We also analyze particle size distribution, porosity and moisture content, and we regularly measure the yield and firmness of our bags. Finally, we run random greenhouse tests to evaluate our products’ performance. Therefore, a product that does not conform completely to even one of our tested parameters will not leave our facility.

But the true pillar of Lambert’s success is its people. Our technical staff of experienced agronomists and soil technicians is always ready to help our customers with any questions they may have, whether about peat moss or how to use our different products. In addition, our sales team is comprised of industry veterans who truly love what they do and strive for customer success. Support is always just a phone call away for every customer.

Unlike most peat producers, the Lambert family owns most of the land where our peat bogs are located, and as any good land owner, we’re stewards of the environment and take care of the land. Lambert proudly holds the VeriFlora® – Certified Peatland Products certification for responsible peatland management. This certification program is the industry’s most important standard, and compliancy with this program guarantees a firm commitment to ongoing improvement in the production of substrates for horticultural growth and sustainable practices. Post-harvest sites are restored by the method of sphagnum moss layer transfer allowing the bog to come back in a functional ecosystem.

The Lambert family and our family of employees take pride in providing customers with the highest quality of peat products and peat mixes while simultaneously nurturing the land that it harvests from. From our family to yours, we are honored to be at the root of your success since 1928.

For more information, please visit www.lambertpeatmoss.com

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