EPM-30 All Purpose Mix

Lambert EPM-30 All Purpose Mix is a blend of coarse Canadian sphagnum peat moss, EcoPeat and perlite. The well balanced amount of EcoPeat and perlite provide the ideal general purpose mix perfect for your perennials.

  • What is EcoPeat?
    • EcoPeat consists of small sticks, chunks of peat and strands of fibers.
    • EcoPeat is used as a natural aggregate in a mix and provides excellent aeration and moisture holding properties.
    • EcoPeat is a naturally occurring product of a peat bog that is used to produce mixes with exceptional air-water relationship.
    • The utilization of EcoPeat is a sustainable practice that prolongs the longevity of a peat bog and the environment.

All Purpose Organic Garden Soil

All Purpose Organic Garden Soil is ideal for adding organic matter to your vegetable and flower beds. The organic material in this all purpose mix helps improve aeration of clay soils and increases water retention in sandy soils. The peat moss can reduce the loss of fertilizer through leaching in addition to helping to protect the soil against drying and curing.Print

Including a 40 days duration Organic Fertilizer

All Purpose Organic Potting Mix

All Purpose Organic Potting Mix is a general purpose media with numerous applications for indoor and outdoor use such as hanging baskets and containers. It is a favorite amongst plant lovers. Adjusted pH combined with coarse perlite promotes aeration, drainage and assimilation of nutrients that are essential for optimum plant growth. This all purpose media is easy to use as it has been pre-moistened.


Including a 40 days duration Organic Fertilizer.

Professional Organic All Purpose Mix

Lambert Peat Moss is proud to present its NEW OMRI Listed* Retail Product that will be available from Spring 2018 for organic use the: PROFESSIONAL ORGANIC ALL PURPOSE MIX

This ready to use, environmentally friendly peat-based substrate promotes healthy and rapid plant growth for all your favorite flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees and shrubs.

Lambert Peat Moss values only selected quality ingredients to ensure the best growing results. This professional grower formula is blended with pure premium Canadian sphagnum peat moss, coarse perlite, natural organic slow release fertilizer, dolomitic and calcitic limestones.Print

Fertilization recommendations: Begin with complete fertilizer within 6 weeks of transplanting.

AFM-1 Organic Germination Mix (OMRI Listed)

Lambert AFM-1 Organic Germination Mix is an aggregate free growing media (AFM) that is processed from selected Canadian sphagnum peat moss. The peat is screened to the proper particle size, making it ideal for seed germination. The air space in this media encourages healthy root development for vigorous plant growth.

The Green Formula – High Porosity

The Green Formula – Superior & consistent Professional Growing Media Resulting in a Higher Yield

The Green Formula High Porosity Professional Growing Media
Blended with selected premium Canadian sphagnum peat moss and horticultural perlite; insuring maximum air porosity, superior drainage and ideal water holding capacity.

Options To Customize Your Growing Media:
+ Biofungicide
+ Mycorrhizae
+ Organic Fertilizers
+ Coconut Coir
+ and more…

For more information on Lambert Peat Moss products, contact your Lambert sales representative or Lambert customer service.

The Green Formula – Peat & Coco

The Green Formula – Peat Moss and coconut fiber

At Lambert we are pleased to introduce 3 new professional substrates of sphagnum moss and coconut fiber into the “The Green Formula” family:

PC-25 High-porosity Mix of Peat-Coco
PC-15 All Purpose Mix of Peat-Coco
PC-7 “Hobby” Mix of Peat-Coco

The Green Formula Peat and Coconut Substrates are designed to provide fast growing crops with healthy roots and vigorous plants.

A mixture of selected Canadian sphagnum peat moss, coconut fiber and horticultural perlite to ensure maximum air porosity, superior drainage and ideal water retention.

For more information on Lambert Peat Moss products, contact your Lambert sales representative or Lambert customer service.


LM-6 High Porosity Mix

Lambert LM-6 High Porosity Mix is a high porosity growing media with long-fibered Canadian sphagnum peat moss including the addition of large peat chunks and coarse perlite. LM-6 is designed for crops that require higher air capacity and drainage.

GFM – pH Balanced Peat

Lambert GFM pH Balanced Peat is a blend of specially selected Canadian sphagnum peat moss which is pH adjusted. This is an ideal media for growers who wish to incorporate the aggregate of their choice.

GFM – All Purpose Mix

Lambert GFM All Purpose Mix is formulated from coarse fiber Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite and vermiculite. This media can be used straight from the bag for all general purpose planting needs.